What if all the tickets are not sold when the timer runs out? 

March 11, 2022

Subject to the minimum number of entries being achieved, the purpose of entering the Competition is to win the prize as described on the competition website.

Entrants recognise and accept that in order to win the prize, the minimum number of entries must be achieved. During the competition, a progress indicator will be displayed on the website to indicate the number of paid entries that that have been made and the value of the Alternate Prize.

The Organisers do not in any way guarantee the value or condition of the Prize or the final value of the Alternate Prize.

In the event that the Minimum Number of Entries is not achieved, the prize will consist of the Alternate Prize as indicated on the competition website, consisting of the cash equivalent of the total number of tickets sold, minus 30% administration fees.

Entrants are advised to review the website from time to time to check the Alternate Prize. The Alternate Prize will not diminish in value during the period of the competition.